Annette Johnston LPSNZ: I am a wife to one, mother to four and grandmother to 5 and 2 halves (2 grand-babies are expected in early 2019). I am a serial volunteer, and have on more occasions than I care to remember floated to the top and ended up in leadership roles of volunteer organisations. Most notably, 25 years amongst the performing arts movement, and more latterly as an active member of the PSNZ affiliated Tauranga Photographic Society, where I have recently become President.


A self-educated photographer, I cut my photography teeth, largely on the side of sports fields; rugby, cricket and hockey make up the bulk of my work, but I have been seen at boxing, water polo, netball, kayaking, equestrian and with a family connection to ballet, I love having the opportunity to photograph young dancers as they develop their craft.


I have enjoyed success in national competitions including: three-time Gold-Medalist at successive PSNZ National Exhibition’s, and most recently, awarded Champion Triptych at the 2018 Nelson Triptych Salon, and the recipient of two honours in the 2018 National Photojournalism Competition. The impressionist image of my granddaughter Mia, was featured on the cover of the 2015 New Zealand Camera.


I now photograph a cross a diverse range of subjects including; sports, landscapes, wildlife, travel, portraits, street photography, and impressionism, but it is my love of gardening that has led me to a passion for all things botanical. With a recognizable fine art style, I delight in a balance of blur and sharpness. I love flowers at all their stages, from newborns to those in their prime – but I have an affection for blooms past their best (perhaps a reflection of my age, which is well past prime).


My love of the botanical was extended in 2018 when I joined a Wildlife Worldwide workshop in Austria. There I was introduced to wildflower meadows, and a raft of fauna including several types of butterfly. Focus stacking came into my repertoire and I found a glory in artistically applying absolute focus within my style of fine art image.


I now offer workshops on flower photography, covering aspects of composition, lens choices and post production.  Additionally, in 2019 I am joining Kevin Clarke from CMG Studios as hosts of an intimate seven day photographic Tour of Tuscany (April, May 2019)  based in the Val d’Orcia, close to Motepulciano and Pienza.


As I photographer, I find I still have vast amounts to learn; I tend to have a small amount of rebellion in me and I like to break photography rules, often to an image’s detriment, but very occasionally attaining something a little special. I love simplicity and steer clear of complication and if asked for a thought that I am guided by it is:


“Simplicity and harmony are the ultimate conditions to be attained in all things”
~ Horace Fletcher ~