I came across a tutorial on petapixel this morning showing how to create a bokeh background using scrunched up aluminium foil.

Here’s the article (tutorial) http://petapixel.com/…/create-beautiful-bokeh-aluminum-foil/

I gave it a go just now and it came out pretty well. Especially considering I didn’t use my off-camera flashes (no batteries in them or my triggers). I just used a lamp instead.

Didn’t quite come out the same as in the article, but still pretty cool and worth giving a go for a bit of fun!

I’ve posted my shots here along with a “set-up” shot showing how simple it was lol.

Also, I shot at 200mm f2.8 instead of what the article recommends (50mm 1.8) because I didn’t have enough foil to be able to shoot at a far enough distance and have it cover the background at 50mm lol.

Oh yeah one more thing, I found up some old flash gels and just taped it across the front of the lamp to get the red background.

Here are my results: